Frequently asked questions

Which Thread Size or Adapter Do I Use? (List of Makes and Threads)

Toyota, Scion, Lexus Manual Transmission: M12X1.25 Toyota Automatic Transmission (no gear selector button): M8X1.25 Nissan Manual: M10X1.25 Honda Manual: M10X1.5 Subaru Manual: M12X1.25 VW, BMW, JEEP, Fiat: Universal Thread Adapter. This will convert your rod with no threads to a rod with M12X1.25 thread to accept the most aftermarket support. Most generic shift knobs are this size.

Can I replace my automatic shift knob?

For 90% of cars the answer is no. The BASIC RULE, if your shifter has a button of any kind on it, you cannot replace it. Toyota offers most all of their automatics with a removal shift knob. Toyota Automatic shift knob size is M8X1.25

Do the shift boot covers fit any vehicle?

No! I designed the shift boot covers to fit over MOST passenger vehicle's original equipment. This may not fit your 18 inch tall truck shifter. The boot cover is meant to be just that, a cover to put over your original equipment.

Are the resin shift knobs weighted for performance?

No! These shift knobs are for show and basic use. These are not OEM replacement, they are made of a beautiful clear resin which requires some care to keep.