The start of my addiction to buying and modifying JDM cars

Yes, this picture from over 10 years ago shows my very first engine swap and it is TERRIBLE. I had less than no idea what I was doing at the time. I worked full time as a computer repair technician and I had recently fallen in love with the S13 chassis moving from the B14 Sentra I had previously. I had no mechanical knowledge and had admittedly never even done an oil change by myself at this point.

After reading forums for what seemed to be forever I started collecting parts for my swap. A friend had just wrecked his s13 with a decent redtop SR20DET inside and I was offered the engine. I saved up for a bit and bought the engine. During the time of saving, I read more and more about SR20DET swaps. I bought all of the parts I needed to not only swap the engine but to also convert the car to a 5-speed manual. After the first day, the car was prepped and the engine was pulled.

Thanks to a buddy and his truck, the engine arrived safely. Ryan delivered the engine and the knowledge as he helped me drop the SR20 into the car.

We installed the engine into the mounts 2 or 3 times as we almost crushed every important piece in the engine bay. After reseating the engine for the final time we bolted it down and started the next step in assembly.

After 2 wire harness alterations (damage from the crash) and 2 major lessons on fuel and spark the car was mostly together. I post this because some people are afraid to try new things because they might fail. Yes, the car looked terrible. Yes, we went about lots of things the wrong way. The takeaway here is I am reflecting on something 10 years ago that steered me in the direction of what I do now. I am thankful for all of the lessons I have learned in my life, especially the hard ones.

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