These rose shift knobs are entirely hand made one at a time. When you make your purchase I start work on your item. Choose the thread size and for an additional fee, you can also pick the color of the bottom half of the knob. After bending the rose by hand and a quick bath I paint the petals. From this point, I mix the resin and set the rose. After the shift knob is cured (several days later) I sand and polish your individual shift knob to a brilliant shine and finish. Due to the process to make these there is a 1-4 week make time. 


More than 55 Colors are available for the bottom half of the knob!

Blue Hand Bent Metal Rose Shift Knob

$100.00 Regular Price
$85.00Sale Price
Thread Size
Bottom Half
  • Our hand made shift knobs take 1-4 weeks to make!

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